Behind On Your Taxes

Business Owners?

Let Me Rescue Your Taxes Today!

Behind On Your Taxes,
Business Owners?

Let Me Rescue Your Taxes Today!

Business Tax Issues and Liens

Get the IRS off of your back | Don’t be Afraid of an Audit | Master Business Tax Preparation Filing & Amendment Services | Forensic Tax Expert | In-House CPA | Former Auditor

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Don’t be afraid of an audit.  Business owners: Is the IRS after your business? Do you need IRS tax audit and lien relief? In-house CPA here. Let me stand in virtually for your IRS audit and interface with them directly. Let me help your business today. Do not face the IRS alone.

Is the IRS after you and it’s keeping you up at night? Tax debts and back taxes will not go away. The IRS is relentless and will come after you and your business.
As your forensic accountant, I file years worth of back taxes correctly the first time. I directly negotiate with the IRS to reduce your penalties and remove your tax liens.

As your Top Rated Local® accounting professional and tax expert and your in-house CPA, I deal with the IRS, prepare and file your business tax returns and amend back tax returns accurately. Finally get control of your business and your back taxes today.

Do NOT Delay Any Longer-Understand the IRS Penalties

The IRS charges multiple penalties and fees for filing late or not at all:

Stop Letting Late Fees and Interest Pile Up! Contact Your Expert Accountant Today! Call Me Now.

  • Don’t let the IRS cripple your business. I negotiate directly with them on your behalf.
  • Don’t fail to file your taxes. You will be charged five percent of the unpaid taxes for each month that your taxes are late with a 25 percent maximum. This fee, combined with other penalties and interest, can stack your tax obligations. I’ll file correctly, the first time.
  • Don’t fail to pay your taxes on time. The IRS charges 0.5 percent of owed taxes per month until your tax obligation is fulfilled with a 25 percent maximum. Steep.  As your business tax preparation expert, I ensure that moving forward, your taxes are corrected in the past and filed right going forward.
  • Don’t get audited but if you do, don’t be afraid. I’m here for you.  Business owners who fail to file also face “fail to pay” penalties and fees and run the risk of being audited. Research shows taxes that are filed by an expert are less likely to be audited.  My full financial reconstruction and back tax services, Quickbooks accounting, and other mastery of every accounting software being used today, and my amended returns lessen that likelihood immediately. Why? CPA-filed tax returns are less likely to be audited, especially business taxes filed by an experienced tax preparer. Let me file and amend your back business taxes.

So, if your taxes are late and you fail to file your taxes, file your taxes late, or fail to file your taxes at all, the penalties and fees will accumulate each month and they’re expensive. The IRS will continue to collect on your tax obligation until paid in full or negotiated down. Let me help you, right now.

How I Get The IRS Off Your Back

Audit Support

If you’re being audited, I provide audit support and speak directly with the auditor.

Waiver Request

During an audit, I engage the IRS via phone to request a reduction in late fees and include a compliance narrative as to why you were not able to file or pay your taxes.

Appeal Decisions

I will appeal decisions not made in your favor, gathering more proof and sending in documentation to the IRS via paper audits and virtually support any in-person audits.

IRS Business Tax Audit Relief

Call me today. I offer proven strategies that work to reduce penalties and interest.  Let me file your back taxes, now.

Breathing room for you and your business. That’s what I provide.  I prepare all documentation and communications for/with the IRS so that you don’t have to. Your correspondence with the IRS goes through Rescue Business Tax Services.  Our in-house CPA has over 15+ years of experience working with the IRS re: audits, liens, and penalties.

If you receive a notification for an IRS business audit, it is not random as only 2% of IRS audits are. The IRS is targeting you and your business. I work with and prove what you owe the first time to IRS tax authorities. Let me reduce your business tax debt obligations and save you money.

Services immediately available:

  • Speaking directly with the auditor
  • Offer in compromise
  • Installment agreement
  • Currently not-collectible status
  • Penalty and interest reduction

Call your master, in-house CPA. Don’t wait for the IRS to knock on your door. I manage the following on your behalf:

  • Communicate with the IRS on your behalf
  • Direct phone calls with the IRS
  • Analyze, prepare, file, and submit documents for you
  • Provide tax Advice to avoid future IRS issues

Get the IRS off of you and your business’ backs — call me now!COMPETENCIES AND QUALIFICATIONS

  • 15-year master accountant and in-house certified public accountant (CPA)
  • Experience with a range of entities and industries: construction, IT, real estate, restaurants, retail, LLCs, corporations, nonprofits, and so much more.
  • Federal and state tax lien reconciliation
  • Spot-on compilation reports for courts
  • Amending years’ worth of back taxes and debts owed to the IRS
  • Accurate and laser-focused financial reports
  • Eliminate errors and inefficiencies in your business tax returns

Master Accountant & Business Tax Professional Services

Don’t sink your business. Get the IRS off your back now. I’m your Top Rated Local® master accountants and tax expert in: Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

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Our clients range in annual revenue from $200K up to in excess of $32M. Simple or complex financials across MULTIPLE industries are our Core Capabilities.

About Us

Rescue Business Tax Services brings 15+ years of expert Accounting to each of our clients. Kendra Moore and her team have a combined 37 years in: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Banking, along with experience as previous Business Owners.

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In-House Certified Public Accountants with over 15+ years of experience.