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Business owners come to me when their taxes are a mess. As your master accountant and in-house CPA, we forensically prepare, file and, where necessary, amend years’ worth of back taxes.

We provide complete business tax return, preparation, and filing services, as well as a multi-year look back for tax shelters. Let’s maximize your deductions, right now.

I’m your Top Rated Local® Expert Accountant with clients whose revenue ranges from: $200k up to and in excess of $32M. With 15-plus years as a battle-tested forensic accountant, I’ll save you a ton.

We handle all complex tax return issues across all business entity formations, including:  LLC’s, S Corp’s, C Corp.’s, nonprofits, sole proprietors and franchises. I provide laser focused federal and state tax preparation and financial statement services.  Annual Audit services available.

Do you need tax filing for single or multiple business entities? I service every industry, including: construction, IT, real estate, restaurants, retail, attorneys, car dealerships, sole propietors, contractors, 8a government contractors, and the financial industry.

With an in-house Certified Public Accountant (CPA) on staff, Rescue resolves tax liens, late fees and penalties.  Need an IRS expert negotiator? We interact directly with the IRS!

Let us prepare spot-on financial compilation reports. Bring your taxes and your business current with expert IRS guidance and compliance.

It’s time you finally know exactly where your business stands financially.

Get the IRS off of your back quickly.

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~Kendra Moore, Principal

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Accounting, Tax Prep, Filing, And Tax Service Clients

Typical clients include owners whose business annual revenue ranges from $200k up to and in excess of $32M. Simple or complex taxes returns across multiple industries are my core capabilities.

My top client business owner structures include sole proprietors and large private businesses and corporations. Further, I serve all industries, including: doctors, dentists, property management, contractors, 8 (a) government contracting, construction, IT, restaurants, car dealerships, retail, real estate, franchisees, and veterinarians, whose structures run the accounting spectrum: LLC’s, S Corp.’s, C Corp.’s, non profit, and franchises.

I’m the forensic accountant your business deserves.

Bring years’ worth of back taxes current and let me save you thousands today.


Rescue Business Tax Services brings 15-plus years of master accounting experience to each business owner client. Together, Kendra Moore and her team have a combined 37 years in: accounting, bookkeeping, and banking, along with experience as successful business owners themselves. For years, business owners have struggled in finding the right expert CPA and Accountant. Rescue Business Tax Services understands that business owners want a local who actually responds to voicemail and emails right away. If this sounds like you, Kendra is exactly who you’re looking for. Contact her today!

Our Advantage

When you contact Rescue Business Tax Services, you can be sure that you’re not just getting any accountant: you’re getting an experienced, in-house certified public accountant (CPA) with over 15-plus years of experience bringing financial security to businesses of all sizes and structures for a third of the cost. Kendra’s specialities include all business state and federal tax return filing for corporation taxes, partnership taxes, LLC taxes, non profit taxes, real estate and trusts. Our tax preparation, tax filing, tax amending, and tax consulting are all valuable assets to your businesses’ long-term success. Give me a call today!

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-John O.

"Rescue Business Tax Services Has Been Phenomenal."

Rescue Business Tax Services Has Been Phenomenal. Kendra continues to keep our Firm flowing smoothly… Read More

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-S&K Holdings

Top Rated Local® Master Accountant

No more sleepless nights.  Finally file your back taxes now, business owners. Get the IRS off your back today!

I provide forensic accounting, expert business tax services, and master tax preparation and tax filings services to business owners in all industries.

Help with all business, state, and federal tax return filings:

  • Corporation taxes
  • Partnership taxes
  • Sole Proprietors
  • LLC taxes
  • Nonprofit taxes
  • Real estate
  • Franchisees
  • Trusts
  • Contractors
  • 8 (a) Contractors

Tap my in-house, certified public accountant (CPA) available to maximize deductions with maximum shelters. Maximum shelters. Offering online/virtual tax services.  Up-to-date on every tax code nuance.

Know where your business really stands financially and finally move your business forward today.

Rescue Business Tax Services is your Top Rated Local® Accounting Firm in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C.  I bring 15+ years of laser-focused accounting experience to each of my partner clients with spot-on tax return preparation, filing, tax consulting, and business tax services, giving you immediate control of your business again and getting the IRS off of your back.

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