Behind On Your Taxes

Business Owners?

Let Me Rescue Your Taxes Today!

Behind On Your Taxes,
Business Owners?

Let Me Rescue Your Taxes Today!

Dealing With Back Taxes

It’s never easy being in a situation where you’re behind on your tax returns. You may feel helpless with the IRS looming over your shoulder, waiting for you to pay off your debt. But the truth is, you can fix your tax situation without accumulating further debt with the help of Kendra at Rescue Business Tax Services. My comprehensive tax filing services will clear all your back taxes while simultaneously setting into place a tax plan that will keep you out of IRS debt and maximize deductions. Don’t wait to fix your tax situation, give me a call and take a sigh of relief knowing that you’re in good hands!

Filing Back Taxes

As a business owner, you know how important it is to have an accurate picture of your company’s financial situation. However, when you owe years’ worth of back taxes to the IRS, it’s difficult to get a grasp on how your company is doing. You know you’re an honest entrepreneur, but made a mistake by not filing your tax returns soon enough. It’s easy to feel guilty and hopeless in this situation, but the sooner you take action, the less repercussions there will be. Rescue Business Tax Services is dedicated  to helping business owners like yourself by filing back taxes comprehensively, mitigating damages, and setting a plan in place that will secure your business well into the future.

Locating Deductions

Once I’ve filed all your back taxes and all debts have been paid to the IRS, you need a plan that will prevent your current tax situation from recurring and maximize deductions for the future. You may have relied on an inexperienced accountant for years, only to find out that you weren’t saving as much as you could have with each tax cycle. Rescue Business Tax Services is here to change that! With 15+ years of experience as a certified public accountant, I have worked with businesses of all industries to seek tax shelters and maximize revenue.

Contact Rescue Business Tax Services

If you’re in debt to the IRS, don’t wait, take action now and bring your company back to financial and legal security. I will work on-site with you to establish a comprehensive plan and implement it quickly so you can start growing your business again. Contact Rescue Business Tax Services today to learn more.


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Our Clients

Our clients range in annual revenue from $200K up to in excess of $32M. Simple or complex financials across MULTIPLE industries are our Core Capabilities.

About Us

Rescue Business Tax Services brings 15+ years of expert Accounting to each of our clients. Kendra Moore and her team have a combined 37 years in: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Banking, along with experience as previous Business Owners.

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In-House Certified Public Accountants with over 15+ years of experience.